The Staff


Adderstar has owned the Cokori site since 2011. She first started roleplaying at the young age of nine, often joking that she wasn't even sure how she could type. Adderstar has traveled all over webs, roleplaying at many different sites. She must give thanks, however, to the books and author(s) who prompt her interest in writing and roleplaying: Warriors and its writersShe says that without these books, she definitely would not be where she is today. She also thanks Kugyay, the first roleplay site she ever joined for helping her along. While she has had many ups and downs in the roleplaying world and in real life, she thanks everyone who has come into her life and blessed her with their love and kindness.

Adderstar is a very outgoing person, so feel free to approach her with any questions you may have. She is usually very laid back and easy going, unless you upset her. Then you might want to run for the hills. She would love to make you her friend and roleplay with you sometime. Don't worry. She doesn't bite. Much, anyways.